Why my skin care products are different

Look at your favorite lotion and most of the time Water will be the first ingredient. Most lotions are made of three types of ingredients, water, oil and an emulsifier. Water while required for life also requires that preservatives be added to the lotion to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the lotion. Depending on the type, the oil is what nourishes the skin or just leaves an greasy residue on the skin. Emulsifying agents bind the oil and water together and are often made of chemically prepared ingredients and often have petrochemical components, not what you want in an all natural lotion.

My creations contain no water so I do not have to use preservatives or emulsifying agents. The First ingredient on most of my creations is Mango Butter followed by Grape Seed or Tamanu Oil. I never use any ingredients that are petroleum based or that are not 100% natural.

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