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New Lip Balms for 2012

I have added three new Lip Balms to my line this year. All three are based on my Tea Tree Lip Balm. I have created one without any essential oils, one with Peppermint and Rosemary and a limited supply of a Coffee Lip Balm. If the Coffee Lip Balm is well recieved I will make […]

New Creations for 2012

Bug Me No More When I first started testing this formula I did not think it was working. The mosquitoes were still landing on me, but then I realized they were flying off without biting. I have tested this formula on my friends and family and everyone was amazed at the reduction in bites. I […]

Questions from my Craft Shows

Here are a few questions I keep getting asked at my Craft Shows How much of the Hand & Body Balm should I use? A drop the size of a small pea or chocolate chip will cover your hands. Start will a small amount and use more if you need it. How long will the […]

For the love of Beeswax

While I take care in the ingredients I use in my Creations, I have no control over the manufacturing or processing of them. I do not have the facilities to crush the grape seeds to make the Grape Seed oil or to process the Mangos into Mango Butter. I had resigned myself to having chose […]

Sunburn Relief

With the Fourth of July Holiday approaching I thought I would post on my all natural preservative free sunburn relief remedy Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and in the case of sunburns his words still ring true. Of course in his time, there was no sunscreen like […]

Why my skin care products are different

Look at your favorite lotion and most of the time Water will be the first ingredient. Most lotions are made of three types of ingredients, water, oil and an emulsifier. Water while required for life also requires that preservatives be added to the lotion to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the lotion. Depending […]

Welcome to my site

I have been busy perfecting my creations so I have not had time to start posting yet. But please keep checking back as I will soon start to write about the products I have created. If you are interested in what I am creating please send me an email.