For the love of Beeswax

While I take care in the ingredients I use in my Creations, I have no control over the manufacturing or processing of them. I do not have the facilities to crush the grape seeds to make the Grape Seed oil or to process the Mangos into Mango Butter. I had resigned myself to having chose the best ingredients and having to trust my suppliers. That changed when I decided to develop a Honey Lip Balm and use local honey and beeswax. My mother has been purchasing honey from Red Clover Apiary and she got me some beeswax. He told her that it would still need to be filtered before it would be usable and it was one sticky block of wax. However after several hours tolling over the stove and filtering the melted honey twice through several layers of cheese wax I was rewarded with the smoothest cream colored beeswax I had ever used. I had only planned on using this wax for my Honey Lip Balm, but this is going to be my primary beeswax from now on. Well I guess I can mold my other beeswax into blocks to sell to quilters to keep their thread from fraying.

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