Questions from my Craft Shows

Here are a few questions I keep getting asked at my Craft Shows

How much of the Hand & Body Balm should I use?
A drop the size of a small pea or chocolate chip will cover your hands. Start will a small amount and use more if you need it.

How long will the 2 ounce Hand & Body Balm last?
It depends on how often you use it and if you use it on more than just your hands, but you can put a drop the size of a chocolate chip on your hands every day for 6 months.

Can I put the Hand & Body Balm on my face?
I use it on my face, but if you are prone to acne or are seeing a dermatologist you should check with them before you put any thing on your face.

Do you make special orders?
Yes, If you have a butter or oil that you would like used in one of my creations, just ask and I will give you a quote on a special order.

When I start to apply the Hand & Body Balm what are the flakes in it?
Those are flakes of pure Mango Butter, they will massage your skin as you rub the balm in, then they quickly melt into your skin.

Do you make a scented Hand & Body Balm?
No, since manufactures are not required to list the ingredients in fragrances and since most fragrances contain synthetic and or petroleum based ingredients I cannot use them and still list my Creations as All Natural.

Do you make flavored Lip Balms?
I have plans to make more Lip Balms using Essential Oils. Due to my commitment to only use All Natural ingredients I am limited on the flavorings I will use. If you are looking for a specific flavor or Essential Oil let me know and I will see what I can find.


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  1. A wonderful job. Super helpful informtiaon.