New Creations for 2012

Bug Me No More

When I first started testing this formula I did not think it was working. The mosquitoes were still landing on me, but then I realized they were flying off without biting. I have tested this formula on my friends and family and everyone was amazed at the reduction in bites. I have this formula in spray and oil form.

Itch Be Gone

This formula relives the itch associated with bug bites and Poison Ivy.  I have this formula in spray and oil form.


Around the world people have natural products to treat minor cuts, scrapes, burns and other skin ailments. In the South Pacific they use Tamanu Oil, in India they use Neem Oil in Australia they use Tea Tree Oil, and in France they use Lavender Oil. I have combined these four oils in a base of Jojoba Oil.

Scented Mango Butter Bam

I have added essential oils to my Mango Butter Balm and I am packaging the new scented lotions in 1 oz and 2 oz bottles. I have a Lavender and Coffee blend so far and will be adding more.

Mango Balm Lotion Stick

I now offer my Mango Butter Balm in a stick form. This is great for applying my lotion to your feet and elbows.


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